L-Rod - One Handed - Lesson One
by Joe Smith

The L-rod is probably the most common tool and easiest. It has the ability to find any thing if you have the ability to use it correctly. If you picked up on it, I said THE "L" rod , singular not plural. One L rod is all we will be teaching. 2 work just fine but I always have trouble driving 70 down the highway with 2 L rods so I just use one . Personally I see no advantage in using 2. Well we got that settled. 

You can take a coat hanger and make your self a rod. You need about 5" in the vertical part and over a foot in the horizontal part. Bent at a right angle. 

Hold L-Rod with the tip (long part) at about a 4 degree (down) angle in front of you. Hold your arm parallel to the ground and your hand in a fist, not letting your thumb touch the upper part of the rod. The rear part straight up and down. Don't tilt it to one side or the other. Of course you can make it work by doing this but that is not the way to do it. If you have the desire to beat the system you shouldn't be dowsing at all. Be honest with your self. 

Ok while in the house tonight is a good time to start. Your yes answer is usually a left swing from the straight ahead  ready position. Your no will be a right hand swing, or nothing at all. Practice your yes/no for while. 

Go into your dinning room, standing on one side pitch a coin on the floor on the other side of the table. Ask the rod where the coin is, what direction it is from you. The rod should swing in line with the coin. OK now you know where it is, ask the rod to take you to it. The rod will swing in a direction that will if you follow it, should take you around the table to the area of the coin. When it arrives at the coin it should turn in a left swing, toward you stomach, if you are left handed the swings will be the opposite. Practice the yes/no moves, plus finding a target "coin" and tomorrow we will tackle something else . 


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